Imagine Jim Morrison comes over to hang out with you for a bit. You crank some records really loud and bother share a few joints together. He continuously keeps flirting with you, but you just ignore it. He then out of nowhere picks you up and starts dancing with you. You just go along with it and both of you are twirling each other around laughing and singing.

He then leans in and starts kissing you. You yourself are nervous, but delighted. Though reluctant to you pull yourself back from him. He ask “Problem beautiful?” You hesitate the say “No. Not at all.” The grab him and start kissing him passionately. He starts pulling his clothes off then yours and take you to the bedroom and makes beautiful passionate love to you for the rest of the night.

pandoryca asked: ☁(its the last one, the lil cloud just in case just a square comes up) can you write me a tiny poem like i dont care it can be the cheesiest thing ever with no rhymes at all and tbh ill be satisfied with anything (:

I was actually on a big poetry writing addiction for awhile. I was writing them constantly. I haven’t wrote any in about a month or two, but I’ll give you one of them. ^___^


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